• 01. Are you able to produce a certified true translation for submission to local government agencies or other foreign country embassies?
    Yes,we do provide certified translations. Our certified translations are accepted by the relevant agencies for immigration, employment, legal, and official purposes. We stamp the certified translations that we produce with our company certification stamp, certifying that the translation is complete and accurate.

    The certified translations are also signed by our department director or other authorized staff. This ensures that the documents will be accepted as legally valid. Do note that sometimes, translations require notarisation by a notary public instead of certification. Therefore, please confirm with the end-user of the document before assigning the translation job.

  • 02. What is Notarised Translation? Do you provide notarisation for the translation done by your company?

    A notarisedtranslation is a translation that has been notarised by a notary public and authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law. They can be used with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority or other government agencies, and are primarily used for migration applications.

    Skyline Translation provides notarised translation services; after we have translated and certified a document, we will hand them to a law firm in long-term partnership with us for notarisation as well as authentication by the Singapore Academy of Law. These documents are accurately translated and then stamped by the notaries public, carrying their legal authority, giving them recognition with government agencies.

  • 03. Do you provide express service? Can you deliver large and difficult projects with the shortest possible turnaround time?
    Yes, we do provide 24 hours express service. Taking on a large, difficult and urgent translation project and finishing it within the shortest possible time is very challenging. But we are able to undertake such projects thanks to our team of experienced, professional translators who provide prompt and efficient delivery.
  • 04. How does Skyline Translation ensure clients’ confidential documents are not leaked to third parties?

    At Skyline Translation, we place confidentiality first in our operations. For many years, we have always promised to protect the confidentiality of our clients’ documents, even when not required to do so by confidentiality agreements.

    To ensure that all the information we receive from our clients remains confidential, we require that all our translators, editors, proofreaders, and staff who need to access suchinformation sign confidentiality agreements. Our staff are professionally trained and strictly adhere to procedures and regulations when handling confidential documents, ensuring the security of our clients’ information. Therefore, our staff only access information on a need-to-know basis. Highly confidential documents are handled by internal language experts only; therefore, you can rest assured when you pass precious information to us.

  • 05. Do you use human translation or computer software to perform translations?
    We only use human translation. Machine translations produce many errors and are far from the level required for normal reading, because no matter how advanced the software is, it cannot outperform the range of knowledge and depth of experience that our professional translators possess. Also, as machine translation requires a large amount of editing and proofreading, it often takes longer than human translation when standardization and consistency of the content is taken into account. Therefore, we never use machine translations.