• 1

    After receiving the item to be translated, we will provide a reasonable quote based on the length, difficulty, and industry to which the item belongs.

  • 2

    Through online or in-person communication, we will conclude a written agreement with the client.

  • 3
    Analysis and Creation of Project Team
    After confirming the items to be translated, we will analyse the items’ professional scope and difficulty to form a suitable project team. Based on the characteristics of the items, the project manager will assign the most qualified and fitting translators to translate them.
  • 4
    Proofreading and Editing
    Proofreading is crucial to quality control in translation. Therefore, we will usually assign 2 proofreaders to thoroughly check translated items. Thereafter, we will assign a native translator to edit the items, ensuring that the translation uses accurate vocabulary, feels authentic, and conforms to the language’s style guidelines.
  • 5
    After all the items have been translated, we will hand them to a professional typesetter for typesetting, to make sure that their formatting is proper and aesthetically pleasing.
  • 6
    Quality Control
    The project manager will sample the typeset items, checking if the writing is professional and if images have been correctly inserted. If necessary, the manager will personally correct the items or return them to the proofreader forcorrection.
  • 7
    Finalisation and Delivery
    Based on the client’s specific requirements, the manager will finalise the translated items and deliver them in either paper or electronic format. Within 1 month of delivery, we will provide free revisions as after-sales support.